Frequently Asked Questions


These frequently asked questions are asked of our staff members. We hope the answers will help you understand more about your healthy vision. Got a question you don’t see? Let us know!

We usually estimate 30 minutes for paperwork and pretesting, 30 minutes with your doctor, and time with an optician may vary. You are welcome to come in any time to meet with an optician and look at glasses—no appointment is necessary.
Yearly eye exams are recommended, even for those whose vision has not changed since the previous year. There are many conditions that can affect your eyes without affecting your vision. Most medical issues can be treated more effectively if caught early on.
Bifocal lenses have a line running horizontally through the lens—the top field of vision is to see in the distance, the bottom is for reading and working up close. Progressive lenses give you a continuous field of vision, allowing you to see at all distances. 
Vision insurance generally covers a yearly eye exam along with a specific amount for glasses or contacts. If you need any medical care during your visit or at any other time, your vision insurance does not cover that, but your medical insurance will. We like to have it on file and check it once a year to make sure our information is accurate which results in quicker claims processing.